DuroStat SMT Conductive & Dissipative ESD Vinyl Tile:

Shine, Versatility, and Performance are synonymous with DuroStat SMT Premium ESD tiles. Utilizing an advanced vinyl composition, featuring permanently conductive micro encapsulated conductive fillers and a proprietary high shine finishing technique. This material provides the utmost in performance and aesthetics.

Are you concerned with the maintenance required to keep your ESD floor looking good? Are you tired of seeing standard ESD flooring covered with black heel scuff marks? Then DuroStat SMT is the answer for you. Experience the DuroStat SMT difference without sacrificing the flexibility you may need for your project. DuroStat SMT offers options in conductivity, thickness, color, shine and even size. Our unique, high bond, water-based, permanently conductive adhesive is included at NO CHARGE on large volume orders.

This easy-to-use adhesive features the ultimate in electrically consistent conductivity with excellent bond strength. It cleans easily with soap and water. There is no more time consuming mixing required with the black epoxy based adhesives, typical of many “standard” ESD tiles (and no more problem causing variables either). The DuroStat SMT / High bond adhesive system makes for a quick, clean installation similar to that of standard vinyl tiles.



DuroStat SMT ESD Control Vinyl Tile meets requirements in clean rooms as strict as class 10 based on its high tech know-how by over 700 research and manufacturing staff. It has no free carbon to contaminate the clean room, and low outgassing emission and is independent of room temperature and humidity. It is highly suitable for special clean room maintenance techniques, Semiconductors, Optics, Aerospace, Pharmaceutics, Biotechnology, ect.


DuroStat SMT ESD Control Vinyl tile is suitable for use on access flooring, ft can easily be perforated without risk of rough edges or the tile cracking or breaking. Major manufacturers of raised access flooring are experienced in the use of SMT ESD Control Vinyl Tile.


DuroStat SMT ESD Control Vinyl Tile removes static to prevent data errors that may occur with high-tech visual medical equipment such as CT SCAN, MRI, and other sensitive equipment by static discharge.


DuroStat SMT ESD Control Vinyl Tile is a permanently installed material that helps protect sensitive electronic devices, assemblies, and products from personnel-generated electrostatic discharge.


Processing facilities, computerized typesetting and drafting equipment, process control equipment, communications installations, and other static sensitive equipment and instruments.